Appendix- III- West-Bengal

Rs. in crore

Name of Scheme/Item As on 31st March 2018 As on 30 Sept 2018
Unspent Balances Pending Ucs Total releases in FY 2018 Unspent Balances Pending Ucs
Reconstruction, remodeling & improvement of embankments in Sundarban and adjoining areas in the districts of North & South 24-Parganas damaged by severe cyclone ‘AILA’-WB-16 Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
Kaliaghai-Kapaleswari-Baghai Drainagae Basin Scheme-WB-17 Nil 8.085 Nil 8.085 8.085
Improvement of embankment and ancillary works in Kandi and other adjoining area in the  district of Murshidabad-WB-18 Nil 56.9425 Nil 56.9425 56.9425
River Management Activities and Works related to Border Areas (RMABA) Nil Nil 65.6554 65.6554 65.6554
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