Bilateral committees namely:

The Constitution (Indian side) and terms of reference of the committee are as under:

Sr.No. Composition-Indian side Designation


Member (Coordination), GFCC, Patna

Team Leader


Chief Engineer, CWC, New Delhi



Chief Engineer (WRD), Government of Bihar/Chief Engineer, Irrigation Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh / Chairman, North Bengal Flood Control Commission, Government of West Bengal



Director (North), MEA, New Delhi



Sr. Joint Commissioner, MOWR



Representative of EOI, Kathmandu



Director (P&C), GFCC, Patna



Director (Finance), MEA/MOWR, New Delhi


Terms of Reference of JCIFM

  • The JCIFM shall be an umbrella Committee to implement the decisions of JSTC on inundation and flood management issues.
  • The JCIFM shall address the issues related to flood management and inundation and can form Task Group(s), if required.
  • The JCIFM shall monitor the progress of works and provide guidance to task group(s) and report to JSTC.

So far 13th meetings of JCIFM have been held. The last meeting/field inspection was held during 26-31 May, 2019 in Kathmandu, Nepal in which various issues relating to inundation and flood management were discussed and decision were taken on the works to be executed on the rivers namely Khando, Banganga & West Rapti.

Govt of Nepal submitted estimates for JCIFM recommended works in January 2020. Observations of GFCC for taking up the 13th JCIFM recommended work have been communicated to Govt of Nepal on March 4, 2020.

A video-conferencing for preparation for conducting 14th meeting of JCIFM was held on March 15, 2021. The representatives from Govt. of Nepal, Govt. of Bihar, Govt. of U.P., MEA, Govt. of India were also present. The outcomes of the discussions has been conveyed vide this Office letter dated 26.03.2021. However, 14th meeting of JCIFM could not be held due to Covid-19 outbreak.

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